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Performance Analysis

Attendance - Unlike other data tools the Performance Analysis Attendance dashboard allows an user to view trends in attendance both at the course/period level and across the school. Color coding and allowing for drilldowns and filtering to quickly identify trends and problem areas.
Certification Dashboard
Certification Dashboard - This is just one example of how INIschools has developed program specific dashboards. The Performance Analysis tool also allows for tracking Dual Credit, Career & Technical Education, Advanced Placement, IB, and other College & Career Readiness programs across a school or corporation.
Enrollment and Demographics
Enrollment and Demographics - INIschools Performance Analysis tool allows school leaders to quickly identify their student population and to see where those students come from by integrating student data with Geocoded Maps.
Gradebook - INIschools interactive Grade Book allows teachers to quickly identify student performance across a course by color coding results; allows teacher to view performance by assignment category or standard, and easily view an entire course history for a student which can be shared or emailed to a parent.
Student Roster
Student Roster - The Student Roster is just one of many teacher related dashboards that allow an user to view who is being served, what their characteristics and performance level are, and give our teachers access to information that will ultimately improve performance.
Overall - INIschools has developed a number of different dashboards each designed to meet the need of the individual user. There are over 30 dashboards designed to meet the needs of teachers, guidance counselors, school leadership, Special Education Coordinators, and School Corporation staff.

Data – where do we get it and how do we interpret it once we have it? INIschools has invested in both the experts and the business intelligence tools to pull data from school information systems, accurately assess performance and assist clients with making sound strategic decisions. We’ll work with your management team to analyze data and identify strategies and initiatives to ensure high performance on various accountability measures including the Indiana A-F framework.

Data Mapping

We analyze the Student Information System (SIS) you are using for day-to-day data entry and management. Data is collected at a number of levels, including student assignments, gradebooks, student mastery of skills, student demographics, attendance, and discipline, for example. INIschools will construct a data mapping framework between your schools SIS and any secondary data sources you identify (e.g., NWEA, other formative and summative assessments, etc). The mapped data can be easily merged, cross-tabulated and made readily available for analysis.

Real-time Access

Once the SIS is mapped, it will be loaded to a data warehouse on a daily basis. This enables INIschools, through customized digital dashboards, to provide your school with real-time data on school and student performance. You can track and manage performance indicators that are essential to the success of your school and your students on a daily basis.

Data Analyst Support

We can assign a data analyst to work with your school to identify and develop additional dashboards to align with specific needs. Our data analyst serves as a catalyst for regular accountability check-ins and also provides in-depth ad hoc analysis and reports, as needed.

Accountability Check-ins

On a monthly basis, INIschools can perform a detailed analysis of academic data and present findings to your school’s leadership team. This analysis can include gradebook/assignment level data and student achievement and progress on formative assessments. These accountability check-ins not only inform your leadership, they stimulate classroom level interventions, including coaching teachers on areas of needed academic improvement.

Support and Professional Development

INIschools provides training and support to your school’s leadership and staff in interpreting data presented in the various dashboards. We’ll walk you step-by-step through the training so you can see how this data can be used to enhance comprehensive professional development plans for your school, teachers and staff.