About Our Team


The Indiana Network of Independent Schools is a service that operates under the nonprofit designation of Goodwill Education Initiatives. The purpose of INIschools is to offer its partner or network schools a host of high-quality services that enable school administrators to improve cost efficiency and student achievement. This, in turn, helps its network schools achieve sustainability and improve academic performance.

Because of our expertise with charter and other independent schools, we understand the complexities that independent or private schools face with administrative, special education, performance analysis and accounting services. And, since we already have the systems in place to handle these functions, we can offer them to other schools throughout Indiana.

INIschools seeks to give every student the best opportunity for success by offering the high-quality services that enable school administrators to improve cost-efficiency and focus on student achievement.

It would be our privilege to assist you in developing or improving your data, reporting, compliance and financial services, as well as aid in delivering effective special education intervention and maintenance.

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